Let me answer some common questions!

Some of the basic questions are being answered here:

  1. Can your spells really help for hard cases? YES, I have the same success with “easy” as with hard cases!
  2. Is this safe? YES, This is safe. No one will come to harm. I will not make anyone into a puppet and there will be no bad karma to face.
  3. Are your safe spells really powerful? YES! I have a set of unique spells created by the ancient knowledge of the native Americans and the skills of Wiccan ancestors of mine. Over 25 years of working as a professional spell caster have given me the ability to solve any case.
  4. How fast can I expect results? Be ready to have fast results. The previous 50 clients had results within 6 weeks.
  5. Will the results last? YES, but if you want permanent results then order the more powerful service.
  6. What guarantee do you give? I work hard in your case and invest a lot of time and more money than I charge you. My guarantee is that no one will be hurt, no bad karma given to anyone and I will do a recast, if you had no results within the first 6 weeks, or I offer a refund after 6 months.
  7. What information do you need to cast a spell? The basics: Names, birth dates, story, pictures (if you have, but not necessary).
  8. Can anyone use your services? YES, of course. Even if you had spell cast before it will work. My magick will not interfere with others spells and vice versa!